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Anthropic Debuts Collaboration Tools for Claude AI Assistant

Anthropic, Claude, AI

Anthropic, the company behind the Claude AI assistant, has announced an update to its platform on Tuesday (June 25), adding new features to improve team collaboration and productivity. The update introduces Projects functionality to Pro and Team users.

“Our vision for Claude has always been to create AI systems that work alongside people and meaningfully enhance their workflows,” Anthropic stated in their announcement. “As a step in this direction, Pro and Team users can now organize their chats into Projects, bringing together curated sets of knowledge and chat activity in one place — with the ability to make their best chats with Claude viewable by teammates.”

Projects allow users to organize their interactions with Claude, bringing together sets of knowledge and chat activity in one place. Pro and Team customers can now create projects powered by Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Anthropic’s latest AI model. Each project includes a 200K context window, which the company states is equivalent to a 500-page book.

A key aspect of Projects is the ability to incorporate internal organizational knowledge into Claude’s responses. Users can add documents such as style guides, codebases, interview transcripts, or past work to provide context for Claude’s outputs. This feature aims to help Claude provide more relevant assistance across various tasks.

The update also introduces custom instructions for each Project, allowing users to tailor Claude’s responses further. For example, users can instruct Claude to use a specific tone or answer questions from a particular perspective.

Another new feature, called Artifacts, allows users to generate and view content like code snippets, text documents, graphics, diagrams, or website designs in a separate window alongside their conversation with Claude. Anthropic states this feature is particularly useful for developers, offering a larger code window and live previews for front-end work.

For Team users, the update includes the ability to share snapshots of conversations with Claude in a shared project activity feed. Anthropic suggests this feature could help team members discover new ways to work with the AI assistant and potentially improve innovation in product development and research areas.

North Highland, a change and transformation consultancy, is one of the early adopters of Claude’s Team plan. The company reports that hundreds of its employees across consulting, business development, and marketing teams are using Claude for tasks such as writing proposals and analyzing complex documents.

Luka Anic, Senior Director of Technical AI Program and Product Manager at North Highland, provided feedback on their experience with Claude. According to Anic’s account in the news release, “Claude is a truly exceptional writer that has helped our team complete content creation and analysis tasks up to 5x faster than before — turning what was once two weeks of writing and research into minutes of work. With Claude, we’re future-proofing our workforce, finding more excitement in daily challenges, and leaping into the future of AI-assisted collaboration and creativity.”

Anthropic states these new features are designed to integrate Claude into existing team processes. The company also addresses privacy concerns, asserting that any data or chats shared within Projects will not be used to train their generative models without explicit user consent.

Looking ahead, Anthropic says it plans to continue improving Claude’s usability and expanding the types of project knowledge that can be integrated. The company mentions future plans for native integrations with popular applications and tools, though specific details were not provided.

The introduction of these collaboration features for Claude comes at a time when many companies are exploring ways to integrate AI assistants into their work processes. As the field of AI continues to evolve rapidly, it remains to be seen how tools like Claude will shape the future of workplace productivity and collaboration.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​