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Databricks Launches AI-Powered Business Intelligence Product


Databricks has launched an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered business intelligence (BI) product designed to enable anyone in an organization to access analytics and insights.

The new Databricks AI/BI features both interactive dashboards and a conversational interface called Genie, the company said in a Wednesday (June 12) press release.

Both of these experiences are powered by a compound AI system that continuously learns from usage across an organization, enabling it to answer complex questions accurately and automatically, according to the release.

“AI/BI marks a significant step towards true self-service BI, substantially expanding the types of analytics everyday users can do through an AI-first approach,” Databricks said in the release.

All Databricks SQL Pro and Serverless customers can access AI/BI with no additional licensing fee beyond warehouse compute costs, per the release. The Dashboards experience is generally available, while Genie is in public preview.

Databricks’ compound AI system that powers AI/BI is designed to provide reasoning capabilities beyond those offered by any individual monolith model, according to the release, according to the release.

The system also continuously learns and improves its performance based on human feedback, per the release. It also learns from other information about an organization’s data in the Databricks platform.

“A truly intelligent BI solution needs to understand the unique semantics and nuances of a business to effectively answer questions for business users,” Ali Ghodsi, co-founder and CEO of Databricks, said in the release. “We believe this requires a different approach than how BI software has been designed in the past — one that places an AI system at the center of the architecture and is designed to take advantage of the AI systems’ strengths as well as complementing their weaknesses to tackle the challenges of understanding and learning these nuances.”

This news comes on the same day that Databricks and Nvidia expanded their partnership to optimize data and AI workloads by bringing Nvidia’s accelerated computing to the core of Databricks’ data intelligence platform.

In another recent development, Databricks said June 4 that it has agreed to acquire data management company Tabular to bring together the original creators of the open-source lakehouse formats Apache Iceberg and Linux Foundation Data Lake and lead the way in data compatibility.

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