Intel Launches Gen AI Company Articul8 for Businesses

Intel headquarters

Intel and DigitalBridge Group have joined forces to establish Articul8, an independent company that provides enterprise customers with a secure and vertically optimized generative artificial intelligence (AI) software platform.

This platform enables businesses to harness the power of AI while keeping their data secure, the companies said in a Wednesday (Jan. 3) press release.

Articul8 offers a turnkey generative AI software platform that delivers speed, security, and cost-efficiency to large enterprise customers, according to the release.

The platform was developed using intellectual property and technology from Intel, the release said. However, it also supports a range of hybrid infrastructure alternatives, providing customers with the flexibility to choose between cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment options.

One of the key features of Articul8’s generative AI software platform is its ability to keep customer data, training and inference within the enterprise security perimeter, per the release.

The platform has already been deployed successfully at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and scaled to enterprise customers in various industry segments, according to the release. These segments include financial services, aerospace, semiconductors, and telecommunications, where high levels of security and specialized domain knowledge are crucial.

Arun Subramaniyan, formerly vice president and general manager in Intel’s Data Center and AI Group, has assumed the role of CEO at Articul8, the release said.

As an independent company supported by industry investment, Articul8 is well positioned to accelerate its go-to-market strategy and expand its product offerings, per the release.

DigitalBridge Ventures, the venture initiative of DigitalBridge Group, served as the lead investor for Articul8, according to the release. Intel, along with a syndicate of established venture investors, has also taken an equity stake in the company.

The generative AI industry is expected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2032, PYMNTS reported in November. The growth of the marketplace is likely to be driven and accelerated by a variety of different AIs with different strengths, each fine-tuned for diverse applications.

For example, for finance departments, generative AI will provide another powerful tool, Veena Gundavelli, founder and CEO at Emagia, told PYMNTS in an interview posted in September.

“I think all of us are seeing generative AI explode in various different forms and bring out very creative ways to perform tasks and activities while improving efficiencies,” Gundavelli said.

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