Bitcoin Daily: Singapore Blockchain Firm To Boost Philippine Startups With $300K Fund; OKEx Crypto Exchange Lands New Partners For OKB Coin

Gemini joins SEN

Singapore-based BCB Blockchain announced that it has launched a $300,000 fund to support incubators and startup accelerators in the Philippines under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

During the 3rd National Technology Business Incubator Summit (TBI Summit), the company revealed that it signed a memorandum of agreement with the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEETRD) – DOST.

“We hope that this partnership will ignite the next wave of applications and innovations for the development of sustainable and smart cities,” said Dr. Enrico C. Paringit, executive director of PCIEERD – DOST.

In addition, BCB Blockchain has signed partnerships with a number of universities and startup tech incubators, including Far Eastern University, De La Salle University Manila, Technological Institute of the Philippines, Adamson University, Holy Angel University, Batangas State University, Technological University of the Philippines – Visayas, University of Southeastern Philippines, Caraga State University, Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, Silliman University, and QBO Innovation hub.

In other news, OKEx, the world’s largest futures cryptocurrency exchange, announced four major partners for OKB, its global utility token.

The company explained that the token will first be listed on Ledger’s hardware wallet, as well as by Aliniex, Vietnam’s largest OTC exchange, and Bvnex, Vietnam’s top fiat/cryptocurrency exchange. OKB will also be accepted by virtual retailer Cryptomall.

“Ledger, Aliniex, Bvnex, and Cryptomall all share OKEx’s vision of bringing innovative, industry-leading services to cryptocurrency users globally,” Andy Cheung, head of operations at OKEx, said in a press release. “We are pleased to partner with these companies to expand OKB’s utility, making it easier for traders to participate in the cryptocurrency markets all over the world.”

And Alibaba Group is using blockchain to further the development of the Chinese film industry.

Li Jie, senior vice president of Alibaba Pictures and CEO of Alibaba’s ticketing app Taopiaopiao, explaining that the company is building new infrastructures and technology platforms to improve the efficiency of filmmakers and film business practitioners.

“Why does Alibaba still choose to make films? Because the film industry has unparalleled influence. When we calculate the economic impact of the film industry, we should also calculate huge benefits and influence that movies bring to society and the relevant economies,” he said.