New Klarna iOS Widget Monitors Prices For Best Deals

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Global payments solutions provider Klarna is launching a new iOS widget that lets people monitor prices for the best deals, sales, and promotions.

“With online shopping becoming the new norm and as people prepare for the upcoming holiday season, the Klarna app can play an integral role in simplifying this busy shopping period. With these new features, we want shoppers to feel in control while getting access to all of the best products and brands in a simple and tailored way, all from the comfort of home,” Daniel Lange, senior product director at Klarna, said in a statement on Thursday (Nov. 12). 

Klarna’s price drop widget enables consumers to track sales and deals, and is being rolled out alongside new curated holiday gift lists. Real-time updates alert customers when there are price changes for saved items. 

Users can see curated wish lists and custom deals using the Klarna app. Aside from content and deals, the app will also offer trending Black Friday shopping deals. There is also a tab for new deals to search.

A recent study by Klarna indicated that 73 percent of U.S. shoppers surveyed are trying to shop smarter since the COVID-19 pandemic started. People said they now seek out sales (61 percent); use coupons (54 percent); buy bulk (41 percent); and use buy now, pay later (BNPL) options (25 percent).

After a September funding round, Sweden-based Klarna had a valuation of $10.65 billion, up almost double from the previous year’s valuation of $5.5 billion.

In October, Macy’s became the first major department store to offer Klarna’s BNPL as a payment option. Macy’s also invested in the company. Klarna has over 200,000 retail partners and more than 12 million monthly active users worldwide.

Etsy, the online market for creative merchandise, also teamed with Klarna last month and will offer shoppers a BNPL option. BNPL is a big holiday shopping trend this year, driving purchasing decisions.