Cash is King

The Cost of Cash: My Dog Ate It

Arnie is a beagle that likes to eat cash.

Arnie lives in Largo, with his owners Corey and Hope O’Kelley. The O’Kelleys first discovered Arnie’s expensive taste for rich foods seven years ago, the Tampa Bay Times says, when he ate $150 off of the family’s coffee table.

The incident forced Corey and Hope to be more careful about where they left their money, and for seven years the family avoided any other issues.

But the streak ended last week.

Dog Eats Cash

Source: Bay News 9

It’s hard to blame the O’Kelleys for this one. This time, the Times says, the cash was inside an envelope, within a wallet, within a purse, atop the kitchen table — but Arnie was not to be denied.

“I realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t as funny as I thought it was,” Corey O’Kelley told the Times.

“We’re kind of used to Arnie being a little bit strange and doing kind of quirky stuff,” he added. “We scolded him, but you know, (dogs) don’t really know.”

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