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PayAnywhere 3.0 Enables PayPal Photo Check-In

North American Bancard announced the launch of PayAnywhere 3.0, the newest version of its point-of-sale solution, at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, according to a company release.

PayAnywhere 3.0 will come pre-loaded on all PayAnywhere Storefront tablets starting in mid-November, and will provide new features and a redesigned user interface focused on speed and simplicity for PayAnywhere Storefront. The new version also integrates with PayPal through Discover’s processing network. This feature makes NAB the first payments company to provide their distribution partners with a margin neutral solution for PayPal transactions aligning with the other four major credit cards, says the release.

According to Marc Gardner, found, President and CEO of North American Bancard, PayAnywhere 3.0 is the latest example of how the company is constantly innovating. “Easy-to-use interfaces, inventory management, the ability to take nearly every kind of payment in the simplest, quickest way possible – these are the tools that merchants in 2014 need,” Gardner said in the release.


PayAnywhere 3.0 includes the following features for merchants:

  • PayPal photo check-In, a service where merchants can see a list of PayPal users in or around their store. Once a customer is ready to make a purchase, a merchant selects the customer from an on-screen menu and the customer can pay through their mobile device.
  • Swipe to Sell, the ability to simply swipe a card, enter an amount and move on to the next sale.
  • Express Sale, the ability to instantly add a previous sale amount with the tap of the screen.
  • User interface improvements like an easy new way to run specials, new easy-to-organize categories, multiple pricing options and more customizable inventory items.

PayAnywhere 3.0 will also be available for free download in the Apple App Store in November and via Google Play in the future.




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