9% of Consumers Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store Every Day

curbside pickup

Consumers in the U.S. have never had more ways to shop, pay and acquire eCommerce purchases.

A growing share of them are making use of such options as curbside and in-store pickup, same-day delivery and subscription commerce, according to “The ConnectedEconomy™ Monthly Report,” which is based on PYMNTS’ survey of 2,696 U.S. consumers.

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The survey found that 36% of consumers bought products via retail subscription services in May. That was down from 37% the previous month but up from 30% six months earlier.

Similarly, 36% of consumers bought products online and picked them up curbside from a store in May, down from 38% in April but up from 34% in November 2021.

Thirty-seven percent of consumers bought products online for in-store pickup, equal to the share who did so the previous month and up from 35% in January.

Thirty-three percent of consumers bought products from a same-day delivery website in May, up from 32% in April and up from 25% in November 2021.

Many of these consumers used these methods every day in May. The share of consumers who said they shopped by these methods daily was 9% for picking products up in-store, 8% for buying them from a same-day delivery website, 6% for picking them up curbside from a store and 6% for buying products via retail subscriptions.

chart, eCommerceIn some cases, the share of consumers using these various types of retail purchase methods in May was slightly lower than it was in April, but in all cases the share was equal to or greater than that seen in the months from November 2021 to April.

While the precise share of consumers making these sorts of digital transactions may vary incrementally from month to month, consumers’ overall propensity to shop by these methods is increasing with time.