Coronavirus Refunds: AAA Southern California Plans To Reimburse $59M In Premiums

AAA Southern California Plans To Reimburse $59M In Premiums

As the pandemic continues to disrupt everyday life the world over, many consumers want refunds on things they paid for but aren’t able to use. Some organizations are refunding a portion of monthly auto premiums.

The Automobile Club of Southern California intends to give back approximately $59 million in premium reimbursements to those who have policies as the coronavirus ongoing effects occur, the Orange County Business Journal reported. The reimbursements impact policies in effect between May 16, 2020 and July 31, 2020 and is tantamount to 10 percent of the payments those who have polices made in that span of time.

The reimbursements are in addition to almost $92 million given in May and will increase overall reimbursements to reach $151 million. The newest batch of refunds were reportedly due to a lower number of claims and decreased driving because of the pandemic.

In April, the national AAA organization announced insurers had unveiled relief packages that would reimburse over $285,000,000 to those who have auto policies.