Coronavirus Refunds: Students File Suit Against Pace, Columbia For Reimbursements; American Airlines Class Action Seeks Refunds


The coronavirus pandemic is upsetting normal life the world over, and plenty of consumers want refunds on things they paid for but aren’t able to use. Here’s a roundup of some efforts by consumers to receive refunds from universities and airlines.

Pace University and Columbia University are encountering legal complaints targeted toward their COVID-19 responses, becoming a part of a number of educational institutions facing them, NPR reported. Suits were filed in federal court on behalf of an unidentified Columbia student and Pace student Xaviera Marbury.

The complaints claim that the students are owed damages and refunds for services that are currently not on offer as both campuses are shuttered. Services mentioned in both instances include access to campus facilities, social development, and face-to-face interaction, per the report.

Columbia University did not have a response to the suit. However, a Pace University spokesperson, Marie Boster, noted that the educational institution still provides offerings like counseling and tutoring along with remote classes. She said per the report, “The faculty, staff and leaders of Pace continue to work tirelessly to support our students during this challenging time.”

In other news, an American Airlines traveler who was purportedly left without a return flight is suing the air carrier in a class-action suit “seeking ticket refunds for flights cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19,” according to a press release from the Hagens Berman law firm.

The named plaintiff in the suit is an Arizona resident who bought tickets for a mid-March flight to Peru from Las Vegas via a California layover. The plaintiff’s return flight was scheduled via Miami and booked on the airline via its “agent,”

The law firm said American canceled the return trip after the plaintiff had traveled out of the country, and the airline has refused to provide the plaintiff with a reimbursement.

According to the press release, the suit accuses the company of “…limiting and forcing customers into a rebooked flight or travel voucher instead of returning their money.”