Coronavirus Refunds: UT San Antonio Offers Students $10M In Reimbursements


The pandemic is upsetting everyday life the world over, and plenty of consumers want refunds on things they paid for but aren’t able to use. Universities, in one case, are providing reimbursements to students.

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is providing students with $10 million in reimbursements amid the pandemic, the university said Wednesday (May 13) in a statement. UTSA said it will have delivered over $7.4 million in reimbursements for housing, parking and meal plans by the conclusion of the week, which would let “students and their families to use the remainder of their money from spring semester to address other needs.”

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Business Affairs Veronica Salazar Mendez said in the statement, “We recognize that many of our students and their families are cash-strapped due to the coronavirus pandemic.” Mendez continued, “We care deeply about our students and hope that putting cash in their hands makes it easier for them to make ends meet during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Overall refunds of $1.8 million will go to over 17,500 students for parking permits they can’t use because of the transition to digital education. The university is also offering $2.2 million to over 2,400 students who had meal plans for the spring of this year.