Uber Eats Accepts Donations For Restaurants; Pledges $5M To Fund

Uber Eats

To let diners assist their favorite eateries amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Uber Eats is putting an in-app donate button into place. The food delivery company also intends to match each contribution to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund for a maximum of $3 million, with another $2 million going toward the effort, The Verge reported.

Uber says all of the diner contributions will go directly to their selected eateries. The company is testing a few contribution amounts to provide to diners who wish to make one. Eateries in New York City that work with the platform received notice from the firm on Monday regarding the contribution program.

Eateries in the company’s other markets will receive communication of the contribution function in the coming weeks. Uber is not reportedly explicitly asking for the consent of eateries prior to putting the donate button into place. However, the company notes that restaurants can easily choose not to participate.

The Restaurant Employee Relief Fund is managed by the National Restaurant Association’s educational fund. The National Restaurant Association, for its part, is an organization that represents more than half a million eateries.

Workers and staffers in the restaurant vertical who have faced coronavirus impacts such as the loss of a job or a decline in wages are able to ask for grants from the relief effort.

In separate news, some dining establishments are taking the “buy one, get one” to concept to a whole new level as restaurant sales keep dropping as fear of COVID-19 grips the country.

Restaurants are reportedly adding gloves, toilet paper and other products that are in demand to delivery and takeout purchases.

One restaurant owner provides one free toilet paper roll and two pairs of plastic gloves with each purchase. The individual estimates that his eatery is filling approximately 20 to 30 orders per night.