New Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps Shows Up-and-Down Nature of Digital Dollars


The dictionary definition of crypto is “secret or hidden; not publicly admitted.”

Guess they’ve never heard of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps.

We are neither secret nor hidden, and we’re as publicly admitted as it gets. Anyone with a device and connection can see it. We publish crypto rankings monthly. We’re not very stealthy about it.

And why would we be? It’s only one of the hottest stories in money and stored value.

We don’t ignore such things here — we celebrate them publicly, and even with some flair.

On that festive note, let’s take a very visible walk through the crypto app rankings.

The Top Five

You know the 3-way tie for first place that’s dominated this ranking for months? It’s gone.

Competition for No. 1 has now narrowed to two apps — Coinbase and

Dropping one spot to No. 2 is the Binance app, and a most respectable ranking it is.

The Voyager app also takes a short trip ­— down one chart position — to No. 3 this month.

As goes one, so go others. We see it time and again in the rankings racket.

For example, here’s the Blockchain Wallet app, down a spot to take No. 4.

Finishing out the top five at No. 5, it’s the Huobi app, down (you guessed it) one spot.

As we like to say, remaining in the top five is a victory all its own, even when rankings recede.

The Top 10

Falling out of the top five to take up the No. 6 chart position this cycle, it’s the KuCoin app.

Let’s see where they are next month. Crypto is like that.

We’ve got a tie as the Kraken Pro drops two spots and the BitMart app tumbles three chart positions to squeeze in at No. 8 this cycle. Again, we doubt it will last, but who knows?

Another tumbler at No. 9 is the OKEx app, falling two spots from its most recent perch.

Ditto for the BlockFi app, also falling two chart positions since last cycle to close out the top 10 at No. 10.

To reinforce that positive and uplifting message for all aspiring apps, in the “up one day, down the next” world of cryptocurrencies, just being in the top five or the top 10 of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps is a win.