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PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Amazon’s Growth

Overall, publicly traded online retailers outperformed even the overall well-performing eCommerce market — but gains were largely due to Amazon.

Total online sales grew 15.6 percent in the third quarter year over year, reaching a total of $93.67 billion. The 32 publicly held eCommerce companies with quarterly data actually grew 22.5 percent in the third quarter of 2016 to $41.32 billion, up from $33.73 billion in the same period of 2015.

Amazon’s third-quarter revenue from sales, commissions and merchant fees rose 26.7 percent to $29.48 billion, up from $23.27 billion a year ago. This means that Amazon accounted for 81.7 percent of the third quarter’s total web revenue growth reported for the 32 publicly held online retailers.

The other 31 public e-retailers saw online sales revenue growth of 13.3 percent on average.

15.6 percent | Online sales growth in Q3 2016

$93.67 billion | Value of online sales growth in Q3

32 | Publicly held eCommerce companies surveyed

22.5 percent | Sales growth among publicly held companies in Q3

$41.32 billion | Value of publicly held companies’ Q3 sales growth

26.7 percent | Amazon’s Q3 sales growth

$29 billion | Value of Amazon’s Q3 sales growth

81.7 percent | Amazon’s share of Q3 web revenue growth of the 32 publicly held companies

13.3 percent | The other 31 online merchants’ average growth in Q3


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