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PYMNTS’ Daily Data Dive: Millennials Seek Personalization Via Mobile Data

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Millennials are the generation that’s slowly becoming the majority of spenders. And with smart devices turning personalization into not just a hot commodity but a necessary part of all future products and services, it’s only natural to combine the two for research purposes.

As such, CSG Systems International unveiled its survey, The Future of the Digital Experience: Mobile Edition, which looks at mobile’s future as viewed by the millennial audience. Research results showed millennials put a high importance on personalization, artificial intelligence adoption and a high-quality intuitive entertainment viewing for their mobile experience.

Here are the numbers:

35 percent | Percentage of millennials who expect to continue traditional mobile carrier use by 2022

One-third | Number of millennials who expect to use non-traditional mobile carrier (e.g., Google, Amazon, etc) by 2022

6 out of 10 | Number of millennials willing to spend more for customized services

70+ percent | Percentage of millennials open to carriers using mobile data to tailor service

53 percent | Percentage of millennials willing to spend more on personal assistant mobile features

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