Digital Payments

Citi Pay Launches In The US

Citi Pay has launched in the United States, bringing the digital wallet to a new country. Citi announced news on Thursday that Citi Mastercard credit customers can begin using the online payments solution via existing user names and passwords. Those identification facets, combined with tokenization in place to protect card data, will allow for online and in-app purchases.

As has been reported, Citi Pay launched last year in Australia, Singapore and Mexico.

The purchases, regardless of whether they are online or in-app, are enabled through Masterpass, which is, of course, the online payments platform from the card giant. The tokenization feature allows users to checkout using their Citi credentials while at the same time never having to share card data with the merchants. Android users are also able to tap and pay with their devices at NFC-enabled POS terminals. That same mobile pay feature had been extant in the aforementioned countries.

Previously, Citi had enabled P2P mobile payments through its participation in the Zelle network and had also linked with PayPal.

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