OIP Files Complaint Against Google And Its Dominance

The Open Internet Project (OIP), the consortium that claims to speak for 400 companies and groups in Europe, filed a complaint against Google for the second time due to its Android operating system.

According to a report in TechCrunch, the group filed its second complaint against Google, arguing that if smartphone makers or telecom carriers want to developed an unofficial version of Google’s mobile operating system they are hurt because the version can’t carry Google Play store, which is the main distribution platform for Android based apps.

“Android plays a crucial role in the internet ecosystem,” the Open Internet Project said in a summary of its complaint, according to TechCrunch. “Currently, Google dominates nearly every segment of the internet value chain. The combined control over Android, Chrome, Search and crucial content services such as YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail puts Google into a nearly unassailable position of dominance. Putting an end to Google’s anti-competitive tying practices is necessary to enabling competition in every segment of the value chain and to keep Google under competitive pressure to further develop its products and services and invest in innovation.”

The group went on to argue Google holds a dominant position in a lot of markets when it comes to Android as well as the market for general search services in addition to Google Play Store.

“There are no alternatives for Android users to the Play Store since Google’s proprietary Apps — as well as literally millions of other Apps — are available exclusively through the Play Store.”

Thomas Hoppner, the OIP’s legal counsel, told TechCrunch that although there have been complaints filed against Google, this is the first that looks at the dominance and impact it has on other content providers as well as the whole ecosystem.