App Orchard Marketplace Adds New Healthcare Payment Apps

healthcare professionals

Payment tech company Patientco has joined the Epic App Orchard Marketplace with two new payment solutions, according to a release.

One of them is called Patientco Patient Payments, which offers support for self-service payments through MyChart. The other is Patientco Encrypted Device Integration, which lets staff get payments from people without leaving the Epic workflow. 

Patientco Patient Payments lets patients pay healthcare-related bills the way they want to, with all major credit cards, debit cards and payment plans, right from inside the portal. Users don’t ever have to leave MyChart or have a different set of credentials to finish making a payment. This helps facilitate a “secure, seamless billing and payment experience,” Patientco said. 

Patientco Encrypted Device Integration is aimed toward healthcare staff, and it supports pre-service, POS and payment needs for business offices. It helps staff to process secure payments rapidly through any Epic or patient touch point. Also, Patientco is a Payment Facilitator, which means it can help with the simplification of merchant onboarding, ongoing maintenance and processing for encrypted devices throughout hundreds of locations. 

Both of these payment solutions support real-time posting that’s automated and provides a single daily deposit and also guaranteed reconciliation. Patientco’s solutions are also PCI Level 1-compliant, which means that the patient’s data won’t go through Epic servers.

Patientco gives health systems a closed-loop feedback that’s driven by data for the whole payment and billing process.

“Directly integrating Patientco’s easy-to-use payment tools with health systems’ existing technology lays the foundation for a better experience that all stakeholders within the organization can appreciate,” said Sean Joyce, Chief Technology Officer at Patientco. “Our solutions available through the App Orchard empower our customers with intuitive, self-service payment options for patients. Meanwhile, a single payment integration for staff eliminates the need to switch between multiple screens to accept payments and assist patients. It truly is a winning experience for everyone.”


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