Telemedicine App Provider Ranking Takes the Temperature of the Category, Finds Heated Competition

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As PYMNTS makes the rounds each month, checking the status of apps in several different categories, one of the stops includes telemedicine apps.

Here, in the Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps, PYMNTS takes the temperature of each app by looking at such factors as channel coverage, up-to-date downloads, monthly average users, sessions per user and average session length.

This month, the results include several changes of position among the apps, and one mover and shaker that has added eight points to its score.

The Top Five

First up, as it was last time, is MyTeleMed. This app leads the pack with a score of 92.

Holding on to the runner-up position is Teladoc. This app has achieved a score of 88 — two points higher than last time.

Fading back one position after sharing the No. 2 spot last month, Doctor On Demand is now ranked third with a score of 80.

Also stepping down one level since last time is Maple — 24/7 Online Doctors. This app checks in with a score of 77 and is ranked fourth.

Caught up in the chain reaction started above, BetterHelp also finds itself moving back a spot to No. 5. This app has a score of 73, which is two points higher than last month.

The Top 10

Continuing the trend, K Health has dropped back one position and now holds the No. 6 spot with a score of 69.

Just one point behind that is Vsee Clinic For Patient. Moving against the tide, this app has gained a position and is now ranked seventh. With a score that’s eight points higher than last time — and is now at 68 — this app is also this month’s biggest mover and shaker.

Next up is MDLIVE, which has dropped back two spots since last time. This app now holds the No. 8 position with a score of 65.

Also landing two spots lower than it was last time is InTouch Patient. This app is now ranked ninth with a score of 57.

Two points behind that with a score of 55 is LiveHealth Online Mobile. This app has fallen back one position since last time and now closes out this month’s top 10 list of the Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps.