Developers Compete to Find New Use Cases for Connected Car Data

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Connected car data will lead to new applications and new customer experiences, according to Porsche Cars North America (PCNA).

After hosting a competition in which it gave developers access to resources to test their ideas for data-driven technology services, the company spotlighted three different use cases for the data.

“This was a wonderful opportunity to discover the potential of our data and collaborate with the developers,” Zabih Aria, director, strategy and digital business at PCNA, said in a press release announcing the three winners of the first Porsche Data Cup competition to be held in the United States.

Discovering the Potential of Data 

One winner, ADAPT, aims to use connected car data to calculate the car emissions of each trip made by the vehicle and to offer drivers incentives to limit their carbon footprint.

The company’s concept would refine an existing voluntary program offered by PCNA. While that program requires drivers to remember and record their mileage manually, ADAPT would automate the process by connecting directly to the Porsche vehicle.

Another winner of the Porsche Data Cup, Kimoby, is working to deliver connected car data over the air to its web-based Business Instant Messaging platform, which is already used by 12,000 automotive retailers.

Over-the-air systems would allow dealerships to track the status of their fleet and ensure cars are available when customers need them, for example, PCNA said.

“We believe in innovation, creativity and making more with less,” Kimoby wrote in a LinkedIn post about winning a spot in the Porsche Data Cup. “Therefore, we think the automotive industry will benefit from connectivity transformation that will deliver unique mobility solutions.”

The third winner, Ravity, is developing a “coaching engine” that will help the owners of hybrid vehicles understand how the actions they take while driving affect the vehicle’s fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

This is one of many products that are to be offered on a connected vehicle data platform that is being developed by the company.

Enhancing the Customer Experience 

During the Porsche Data Cup, which has also been held in Europe, PCNA gave developers access to technology and realistic vehicle data that enabled them to simulate and test their applications in conditions simulating the real world.

In the European Porsche Data Cup, the three winners used connected car data for keeping a logbook of vehicle mileage for business purposes, evaluating the extent and cost of damage after a collision, and allowing drivers to control the information that is monitored by their insurance company.

“All submissions distinguished themselves with the high quality and intelligent use of data,” Christoph Acker, project manager for innovation strategy at Porsche, said in a press release announcing the winners of the European event. “In today’s business ecosystem, we must work and think in a networked way for modern business models to offer our customers the best possible experience.”

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With the completion of the U.S. Porsche Data Cup, the winners can now further develop their prototypes with Porsche Connect Partner Services, a program that provides access to vehicle data and enables third parties to develop new services.

“Projects like the Porsche Data Cup help contribute to our ultimate goal of enhancing the customer experience,” Aria said.