Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps Shakes It Up With New Names and Numbers

Keep those policies current. That’s all we have to say. Except for everything we’re about to say.

Welcome to PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps. We’re thrilled you could be here, so let’s join the ranking already in progress.

The Top 5

If it’s 2023, the Progressive leads the way at No. 1. For now.

Safe as houses at No. 2 it’s State Farm. These two didn’t budge.

Now for our favorite (and yours) a tie. It’s at No. 3 and involves the GEICO app (already so ranked) now carpooling with Allstate Mobile.

Liberty Mutual Mobile rises to No. 4, which is good for them.

Completing the Top 5 with a vaguely patriotic feel is USAA Mobile at No. 5.

The Top 10

From here, it’s a breeze, starting with Safeco Mobile, up a very respectable three chart positions to No. 6.

Next comes the Jerry: car insurance app, down a spot but still a player.

Lemonade Insurance is solid at No. 8. No change.

The hits keep coming with another tie, this one pitting AMFAM against Farmers at No. 9.

Neither app charted last month, so nicely done there.

Travelers Mobile sticks at chart position No. 10, as it did last month.

That’s consistency, friends.