Samsung Reinvents The ‘Family Hub’ With Smart Fridge

Every home has a central place where everyone gathers to unwind from the day and catch up on news. More often than not, that place is the family kitchen.

Samsung has taken note. With its Family Hub smart refrigerator debut, this new Samsung Internet of Things (IoT) offering is looking to enhance the in-kitchen experience. With over a year of consumer insights and feedback gathered, Samsung’s Family Hub has a paired mobile app that expedites daily tasks, including shopping and communication as well as entertainment options.

One of the more unique features of the Family Hub is the smart technology that allows consumers to check the weather, add to shopping lists, order groceries online and manage schedules. This coming fall, Samsung is adding onto its Family Hub to include the Samsung Connect app, which will help manage all smart appliances like lights, locks, security cameras and wireless speakers.

Samsung’s senior vice president and general manager of home appliances, John Herrington, commented on this new offering and what it means for consumers.

“The kitchen has always been the center of the home, but with smart technology changing how families connect and communicate, home appliances are emerging as a new focus of innovation,” said Herrington. “The Family Hub is a huge step forward in the modern kitchen. It empowers you to do things you never thought possible — like take the fridge with you to the grocery store, digitally display a photo of your kids’ winning goal and enjoy your favorite entertainment right from your digital screen.”