Mastercard Engage Brings Together Digital Vendors

MasterCard Masterpass

Mastercard announced news that it is expanding its Digital Vendor program with the launch of Mastercard Engage.

The company’s Digital Vendor program is a list of vendors serving issuers around the globe to help them bring to market their Masterpass digital wallets and tokenize payment credentials in an easy and quick manner. The directory lists both global and regional vendors and provides information about each vendor’s digital payments offering and geographical presence. It also assigns each vendor a level of standard, gold or platinum, depending on the vendor’s readiness level in integrating with Masterpass and with the Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES).

The program has garnered a great deal of interest from eCommerce vendors and customers, which is why the company has decided to expand it. Mastercard Engage, which is already live, takes the program to the next level by also meeting the needs of merchants and manufacturers of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. In addition, it will incorporate a wider set of Mastercard digital payment solutions, including the tokenization engine MDES, Masterpass, Mastercard Send and Qkr, as well as information on mPOS providers.

“Mastercard Engage will help our customers and other interested parties identify technology partners that can help them translate their digital payments agenda into reality and bring their digital solutions to market easily and quickly,” the statement read. “Mastercard Engage will also provide our partners with access to documentation on our solutions, specifications and licenses, as well as training materials and notification on product updates.”

Currently, Mastercard customers can access the directory through their Mastercard Connect account. The company anticipates the directory will grow throughout 2017, as additional eCommerce vendors serving more markets participate, and plans to expand the directory later this year for use by additional digital payment solutions partners.