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This One Stat Will Convince You Mobile Banking Matters

In case there was any question, recent research confirms mobile isn’t going anywhere anytime soon: By 2017, smartphones are predicted to account for a whopping 82 percent of the cell phone market, up from the 50 percent today.   

For banks and FIs, this growing smartphone user base means consumers are going to increasingly expect not only mobile banking services, but mobile banking services that go the extra mile, offering features and functionality that enable them to navigate their financial lives with the same ease as their smartphone itself. A quick scan of the headlines shows that for large banks, the necessity of this shift is already hitting home.

But, even accepting this shift, how can banks ensure they compete in the coming arms race?

On November 20, Market Platform Dynamics CEO Karen Webster hosted a webinar addressing the strategic moves banks must take to remain competitive. Complete with insights from Marc Winitz, vice president of Marketing for the Americas at Monitise, and Teresa Epperson, managing director of AlixPartners, the webinar explored:

  •   How major national and large banks are attracting mobile consumers
  •   The role mobile plays in consumer decisions
  •   Why the right technology is necessary for mobile banking providers to serve increasingly mobile consumers.

If you missed out on the live webinar and its detailed insights, you can download the full webinar presentation here.

To hear firsthand what you missed, stream a free copy of the complete webinar here.



Digital transformation has been forcefully accelerated, but how does that agility translate into the fight against COVID-era attacks and sophisticated identity threats? As millions embrace online everything, preserving digital trust now falls mostly on banks and FIs. Now, advances in identity data and using different weights on the payment mix afford new opportunities to arm organizations and their customers against cyberthreats. From the latest in machine learning for fraud and risk, to corporate treasury teams working in new ways with new datasets, learn from experts how digital identity, together with advances like real-time payments, combine to engender trust and enrich relationships.

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