Meta Reportedly Developing ‘Basic Ads’ That Use Much Less Data Targeting

Meta, Sheryl Sandberg, Javier Olivan, COO

Meta will be looking into new ads that don’t use advanced targeting, meaning less user data would be used or needed, a report said Friday (June 3).

The ads would not use “any anonymized personal info” according to two ad buyers.

Called “Basic Ads,” it would be aimed at advertisers trying to promote their brand to a broad audience.

According to one anonymous source, it would be measured by metrics like engagement and video views. That, according to the report, could mean a good ad results in less cost for exposure, with more user interaction.

The reach wouldn’t be as targeted, so benefits from better ads would have to go along with exposure to users who won’t be customers.

The report speculates that Basic Ads might be cheaper, though the price would be variable based on advertiser interest and there would be a focus on building general brand awareness through broad audience exposure. Those not looking to target any specific audience could run a basic ad and target more general audiences more cheaply.

The report notes that Basic Ads is a response to Apple’s ATT update, which saw a lot of Facebook users opting out of personal data tracking on the app, with Meta noting in its Q4 update that Apple’s privacy prompts could cost it around $10 billion in ad revenue this year.

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Meta has made some other changes lately, including a new way to add access verification for tech providers that could help with identifying and serving businesses integrating with other ones.

The company said this will come with a process where providers share details about their business and how the app is used by businesses.

The report said Meta will verify the details to see if the business is working as a tech provider and needs the access to Meta business data owned by the clients.