Inaugural Cryptocurrency App Ranking A Tangle Of Tied Scores

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Call it inevitability. There was always going to be a PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps. It was simply a matter of timing, like the crypto sector liftoff itself.

As non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain and other crypto-jargon makes its way into the common parlance, even your grandma might be getting ideas about owning a piece of digital art, or even engaging in some good old crypto speculation — the upside of which can be big.

On that note, and without further fiddling about, here are the latest rankings.

The Top 5

In this inaugural Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps there’s a rare three-way tie for first place, as follows: Binance, Coinbase and all take No. 1. Well done, times three.

Another occurrence of the tie in the same ranking? You bet your bitcoin there is.

At No. 2 is the Kraken Pro app, mulling an IPO next year. Also at No. 2 (fifth in ranking order) is the Voyager app.

At No. 3 for this inaugural ranking is the Blockchain Wallet app, with popular Gemini landing the No. 4 spot this first go around.

Securely doing its thing at No. 5 is the KuCoin app, completing the Top 5.

The Top 10

With multiple trading features, CEX.IO snagged No. 6 with a poise that only deep crypto app-heads can truly appreciate.

Grabbing No. 7 is the Abra wallet app that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Stellar, among the cryptocurrencies. Abra is now piloting crypto loans, just FYI.

At No. 8 we find the BlockFi app, with the Huobi app snapping up No. 9.

Anybody want to flip a bitcoin and guess who’s at No. 10 in the inaugural Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps? Skip it. We’ll just tell you: it’s Bitpay at No. 10. For now.

So as not to be cryptic, that concludes this Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps.