Buy Now, Pay Later App Provider Ranking Sees Two Competitors Maintain a Strong Lead

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A perfect score and a 14-point lead are tough to beat, as proven by the leaders in the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps. As they were in the previous edition of this monthly scorecard, Affirm and Klarna are tied with each other and sit far ahead of the rest of the pack. 

The rest of the field is arranged in pretty much the same order as last time, with not a lot of change. Among the exceptions are one app that slipped two positions in the ranking and a mover and shaker that has improved its score by six points. 

For the details, you don’t have to wait until later — they’re here now. 

The Top 5 

Keeping their place at the top of the list are Affirm and Klarna. These apps are tied with a perfect score of 100 and they are 14 points ahead of the runner-up. 

That runner-up is Afterpay, which holds onto the No. 2 position with a score of 86. 

Next up is Zip. This app is ranked third, as it was last time, with a score of 80. 

Eleven points behind that is Paidy, which hangs onto the fourth position in the ranking with a score of 69 — a two-point improvement over last month’s score. 

Still in the No. 5 spot is Sezzle. This app shared this spot last month but now has it all to itself. Its score — which now stands at 64 — is four points higher than last time, making it one of this month’s movers and shakers. 

The Top 10 

In this month’s first change of position, Laybuy has slipped one spot in the ranking and landed at No. 6. This app has a score of 58, which is two points less than last time. 

After another 10-point gap in the field, there’s the seventh-ranked contender. With a score of 48, LazyPay retains the same position in the ranking it had last time. As that score is six points higher than the one it earned last month, this app is also this month’s biggest mover and shaker. 

Just one point behind that is FuturePay. With a score of 47 — six points lower than last month — this app has dropped two positions and landed at No. 8. 

Eleven points behind that is Humm. With a score of 36 — two points fewer than last month — this app has stepped down one position and is now ranked ninth. 

Rounding out this month’s Top 10 is Brighte. With a score of 19, this app has moved from ninth to tenth and closes out this month’s edition of the Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps.