Credit Card Apps Monthly Ranking Sees 2 Contenders Make Double-Digit Improvements

Provider rankings, credit cards, Chase, Bank of America, Capital One

It’s like a credit score for those who look at customers’ credit scores. It’s the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps and it’s released every month, analyzing each app’s performance and ranking them in their field.

This month, things are pretty quiet, with just three contenders changing positions. Two of them have done so with double-digit gains in their scores, making them what we like to call “movers and shakers.” 

Closer to the top of the list, though, there are some familiar names. Let’s take a closer look. 

The Top Five

Holding the top spot as it did last month is Capital One Mobile. This app is tough to beat with a score of 99. 

Four points behind with a score of 95 is Chase Mobile. This app holds on to the second spot in the rankings. 

Also maintaining the position it had last time is Bank of America Mobile Banking. With a score of 91, it holds the No. 3 spot. 

Continuing the trend, there’s a familiar name in the next position, with Wells Fargo Mobile running fourth with a score of 88. 

Five points behind that, Discover Mobile holds on to the No. 5 spot this month with a score of 83. 

The Top 10 

The second tier in the rankings starts off with Credit One Bank Mobile. Just four points behind the competitor ahead of it, with a score of 79, this app is running sixth. 

Close behind is American Express. Holding the No. 7 spot as it did last time, this app checks in this month with a score of 77. 

In the first change of position seen in this month’s rankings, MySynchrony leaps two spots and lands at No. 8. With a score that’s nine points higher than last month — and now stands at 61 — this app is one of this month’s movers and shakers. 

Remaining in the No. 9 spot it held last time, Cards — Mobile Wallet checks in this time with a score of 54. 

Rounding out this month’s top 10, two contenders share the final spot. Tied with scores of 53, Tally lands here after falling back two positions since last month, while Petal Credit Card move up and joins this elite group. Petal has added 16 points to its score since last month, making it this month’s biggest mover and shaker — an exciting way to close this edition of the Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps.