Digital Banking App Provider Ranking Sees Two Contenders Join the Top 10

Digital banking, apps, Monzo, Nubank, Chime, Revolut

Like Scrooge McDuck frolicking in his pile of coins, PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Digital Banking Apps is awash in valuable items. In fact, 15 apps have earned a place on this month’s Top 10 list.

Among the highlights to be found on this month’s bank statement are two leaders that are tied with a perfect score, two apps that have joined the Top 10 after being absent and one mover and shaker that has added 10 points to its score since last month. 

Now, let’s do the math. 

The Top 5 

At the top of the list are the two competitors with perfect scores of 100. Chime and Nubank were in this position with the same score last month, too. 

The runner-up was there last month, too, but has lost two points this time around. With a score of 98, Revolut is now ranked second. 

That knocks last month’s runner-up down a spot. Monzo is now running third with a score of 95. 

Similarly, Starling Bank has stepped down one position. This app is now ranked fourth with a score of 88. 

In the No. 5 spot, there’s a tie between two apps with scores of 85. KOHO has landed here after dropping one spot since last month, while Dave was here last month.

The Top 10 

After a 12-point gap in the field, there’s another tie. Current was here last time, while Wirex is new to the Top 10 this month. Both are ranked sixth with a score of 73. Having added 10 points to its score since last time, Wirex is also this month’s biggest mover and shaker. 

Just one point behind those competitors is Empower. With a score of 72, this app holds onto the No. 7 spot it had last month.

Right behind that is Up. With a score of 71 — three points lower than last time — this app has fallen two levels in the ranking and now sits at No. 8. 

Next up in this closely bunched group of competitors is a three-way tie for ninth. Commercial Bank of Dubai was here last time, N26 has moved up a spot and Liv. UAE joins the Top 10 after being absent. Each has a score of 70. As Liv. UAE has added seven points to its score, and N26 has added four, they’re also movers and shakers. 

Holding the No. 10 spot is Tangerine. With a score of 67, which is three points lower than last time, this app has slipped one position in the rankings and now closes out this month’s edition of the Provider Ranking of Digital Banking Apps.