MasterCard MoneySend

Mobile MasterCard MoneySend is a payment platform that allows your bank to offer you a new, convenient person-to-person mobile payment service. MoneySend is the first platform designed specifically for your mobile phone and your everyday bank account, so transactions happen quickly, inexpensively, and reliably. The transfer of money is secure and backed by MasterCard Zero Liability Fraud Protection. Join MoneySend today and see what your network can do.

Ways to Use MoneySend

The Plea

Emily is a freshman at college. And like most freshman, her bank account is usually on the low side. When Emily’s funds hit bottom and she needs money quickly for clothes or books, she can get it quickly from “The Bank of Mom and Dad” by using MoneySend.


The Dinner

Four colleagues go out to dinner. As always, one forgot his wallet, and the other has no cash. Enter MoneySend. Instead of this person owing that person and that person owing this person, MoneySend lets one friend pay the bill and the others settle up instantly using their phones. No more IOUs.


The Service

Claire calls Maria, a girl from the neighborhood, to babysit her little boy every two weeks or so. They use MoneySend, which means all Claire needs to do to pay Maria is hit a few buttons on her phone. No need to scrounge around for cash, no need for Maria to run to the bank to deposit a check. It’s almost better than fridge privileges.


The Collection

A group of friends are taking a road trip to a music festival three states away. The problem is, someone needs to buy all the tickets, and someone else needs to pay for the gas. Since everyone has MoneySend, it’s pretty much a coin flip: whoever buys the tickets or drives the crew will have the funds from everyone else quickly and securely with MoneySend. Rock on.


The Loan

Mike needs money. It’s for something important. OK, it’s for pizza…important enough. One of Mike’s friends can lend him $20 by using MoneySend. The money arrives in his account quickly, so not only can he can pay with his card, he can even splurge for extra cheese.

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