Prepaid Payments- Sponsored by MasterCard

MasterCard has sponsored this Prepaid Payments Briefing Room to bring you a series of announcements and interviews on what’s next in prepaid.

PKO Bank Polski Teams with MasterCard Prepaid Services
As one of Poland’s founding banks, PKO Bank Polski has grown to become an established leader and the country’s principal bank card issuer. Against the backdrop of a broader European market, the services they offer are constantly evolving to meet growing customer needs.

The Prepaid MasterCard Payroll Card
Employees everywhere look forward to payday. What they don’t look forward to are the lines, delays, and hassles that come with trying to cash their paychecks.

MasterCard Partners with TravelEx for Foreign Currency Prepaid Card
TravelEx, the world’s largest non-bank provider of commercial cross-border payment services, has chosen MasterCard as it’s global prepaid processing and brand partner.

MasterCard Makes a Big Bet on Prepaid asked industry expert and author of Paying with Plastic, David S. Evans to profile industry thought leaders and executives to find out what’s next in the world of payments.

MasterCard Prepaid Payroll
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