The World’s First Wholesale Marketplace for Apps from Appbackr

Name: Trevor Cornwell

Title: Founder & CEO

Company: appbackr

What I’m working on now… appbackr, a wholesale marketplace for apps.

My crowning achievement is… Business-wise, it is aspirational: appbackr has the power to rewire the app market.  

Industry Association Awards… Winner, PayPal X Developer Challenge. $50,000. Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs/Cambridge West Ventures, $50,000 SEED Award

Education… B.S., Johns Hopkins University. Coursework, Sorbonne, Paris, France; Stanford University

When I’m not working, I like to… Be amazed by watching our little girl learn and grow.

My favorite payment factor is… PayPal. It has reduced enormous complexity to the simplicity of an e-mail address, and they are at the very beginning of their own innovation.

I think the next big thing in payments is… Injecting payments infrastructure into new markets.

Cash… Wants to be replaced by alternatives that provide benefits.

Checks are… Something my 4-year-old daughter will know nothing about.

NFC is… A step in the right direction.

EMV is… Testament to the power of commonality.

P2P will… Powerful but not achieved with the wave of a wand. Relationships require rules and governance and trust.

My mentor is… Craig Hall, Chairman and Founder, Hall Financial Group. He trusted me to be an innovator. He takes the time to learn and understand. He is not compelled to go along. He is not afraid to try.

Executive Bio: Trevor Cornwell is the founder and CEO of appbackr inc. appbackr is the first wholesale digital marketplace for iPhone + iPad apps.  App developers get immediate payment for their apps.  Wholesale buyers “backrs” profit when the apps sell on iTunes.  appbackr has received three major honors: Winner, PayPal X Developer Challenge, Winner, SVASE/Cambridge West Ventures SEED Award, AlwaysOn Top 250 Company.  

Cornwell’s career has developed and grown new enterprises in media and technology.  Most recently, Cornwell created Embarkons, a peer-financing utility for developers.  Prior to that, he developed video-personalization software that produces customized video streams based on viewer behavior.  One of Cornwell’s most successful entrepreneurial ventures was the business jet reservation network Skyjet, sold to Bombardier in 2000.


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