What’s Next for Gemalto at MWC 2010

A round-up of announcements of innovative products and solutions from Gemalto at Mobile World Congress 2010

Gemalto Teams with IBM to Deliver an Improved Identity Security Solution That Simplifies Authentication for Users

Protiva security solutions are now fully integrated with IBM’s leading enterprise single sign-on solution to provide customers with a secure and convenient identity and access management solution. The Gemalto smart card solution is certified for use with IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business and IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On.

“Smart card-based secure identity credentials and single sign-on is a powerful combination that delivers the highest level of identity assurance and security, and at the same time makes network and application access easy and convenient for users whether at work, at home or on the road,” said Cédric Collomb, senior vice president Identity and Access Management at Gemalto.

A range of Gemalto strong authentication devices are now available and certified under the IBM Ready for Tivoli program, including Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards for U.S. federal government agencies, PIV-I for U.S. government contractors, and .NET smart cards and USB devices for enterprises in the private sector.

Smart cards or USB devices for two-factor authentication are increasingly a customer requirement, such as in the government market as a result of the HSPD 12 program, critical infrastructure programs concerned with cyber security, and other industries facing increasing privacy and security regulations such as healthcare and financial services.

“Many enterprises want to move beyond passwords to cut down on support costs, increase security and make life simpler for their users,” said E. K. Koh, program director for single sign-on, IBM Tivoli software. “Others need to replace aging authentication tokens with more comprehensive solutions supporting digital credentials and signatures. Gemalto’s smart card technology provides solutions that meet these requirements, and is a valuable addition to the IBM Tivoli single sign-on suite of products.”

Gemalto will be demonstrating its Protiva two-factor authentication solutions for Tivoli in booth E112 at IBM Pulse, February 21 to 24, 2010, in Las Vegas. For more information on Gemalto solutions for IBM Tivoli, visit http://www.gemalto.com/enterprise/partners/technology/ibm.html.


Gemalto’s Traffic Boosting Solution Makes Telecom Operators’ Value Added Services Easier to Discover, Increases Use Tenfold

Gemalto announces the success of its traffic boosting solution in increasing the use of Mobistar’s ‘ContactSave’ service by 10. Mobistar is the second largest telecom operator in Belgium.

In July 2009, Mobistar first deployed Gemalto’s interactive technology in order to improve the discovery and use rate of ContactSave, a service designed to back-up contacts stored within the SIM card. ContactSave enables their consumers to access their address book anytime, anywhere, even in the case of loss or theft of their mobile phone, by simply downloading the data on the SIM card.

In the first instance, Gemalto updated the ContactSave application in the SIM for new and existing subscribers and ran a promotional campaign to boost the use of the service. This new version allows subscribers to discover & use the service from the moment the SIM is inserted into the handset or as users record new phonebook entries. This mechanism automatically proposes a regular back-up of contacts via a pop-up screen.

In parallel, targeting over 2 million current Mobistar subscribers, Gemalto performed a Promotional Interactive SMS Campaign to increase the use of ContactSave. Subscribers received a pop-up message on their handset screen proposing them to back-up their contacts, and in one-click were able to launch the synchronization of their phonebook.

This campaign alone resulted in a fivefold increase of the traffic generated. Overall, the use of ContactSave was multiplied by 10 over a 4 month period.

Philippe Vallée, Executive Vice President, Telecommunications Business Unit, Gemalto, commented that “The traffic boosting offer is a key part of our offer designed to help mobile operators make the most of their existing solutions. The results are significant and show that this offer can clearly make a difference to operator business.”

For more information: http://www.gemalto.com/telecom/allynis/traffic_boosting.html


MTN Middle-East and North Africa Selects Gemalto’s SIM Security Solution to Launch Mobile Financial Services in Five Countries

MTN Middle-East and North Africa (MTN MENA) has selected its SIM-based security solution to launch mobile financial services in five countries. MTN MENA is part of the MTN Group, which serves over 100 million subscribers in Africa and the Middle East, including 30 million in the latter region. Gemalto worked in close cooperation with Fundamo, a leading mobile financial services provider, to jointly supply the complete solution for the MTN MobileMoney service.

The MTN MobileMoney service will enable MTN MENA to offer their subscribers a wide variety of financial services including money transfer, mobile payment and balance checking, mobile purchases, as well as the ability to buy airtime in real-time. MTN MobileMoney’s user friendly interface makes it simple and convenient for subscribers to enjoy financial services featuring simple menus and multiple language options, including English and a number of local languages.

For several years, Gemalto and Fundamo have worked together to provide optimal SIM-based solutions for mobile financial applications. SIM-based technology guarantees the highest level of security available for transactions through end-to-end encryption and offers subscribers the freedom to use the service from any type of handset by simply swapping out the SIM card.

“Our cooperation with Gemalto and Fundamo has been an incredibly positive experience in terms of product quality, project management, and support in general,” commented Jamal Ramadan, Vice President of MTN MENA. “We look forward to our continued work with Gemalto and Fundamo. Collaboratively, we will bring new levels of innovation, security and convenience to both mature and emerging markets.”

“Gemalto is proud to work with MTN MENA for the first SIM-based mobile banking solution in the Middle-East and North Africa,” added Philippe Vallée, Executive Vice President of the Telecommunications Business Unit at Gemalto. “Since our solution is compatible will all handsets, MTN MENA subscribers can immediately enjoy the convenience of transferring money when and where they want, with the security provided by the SIM card.”

“Working closely with market leaders such as MTN and Gemalto reinforces Fundamo’s position at the forefront of one of the world’s fastest-growing and dynamic wireless markets – set to be worth USD 65 billion by 2014*,” said Hannes van Rensburg, CEO of Fundamo. “Fundamo’s platform is built to evolve with the needs of mobile subscribers to deliver increasingly compelling, tailored and differentiated mobile financial services as the market matures.”

* Juniper Research, January 2010

More info: http://www.gemalto.com/telecom/linqus/mobile_banking.html


Gemalto Launches the First Trial for Bio-Sourced SIM cards

Gemalto launched a pilot of bio-sourced SIM cards by SFR, leading French operator with over 20 million mobile subscribers. The card body, made from plant-based bioplastics, is easily recyclable and compostable and can be incinerated without emission of toxic fumes. Gemalto has also supplied SFR with packaging made from recycled paper and plant-based inks. This program is the first trial of bio-sourced cards in the world.

This initiative is part of SFR’s longstanding policy to limit the impact of its activities on the environment. It highlights the operator’s commitment to both innovation and leadership in bringing to market new avant-garde products.

The bio-sourced SIM card is made from a new renewable material derived from corn, sugarcane or potato starch. This material is easily recyclable and compostable through small scale industrial units and reduces the global ecological footprint of the production process.

This card is part of the expanded portfolio of eco-friendly products that are available for banking, telecom and government customers worldwide. This portfolio underscores Gemalto’s long-standing commitment to develop innovative digital security solutions, which enhance and protect everyday digital interactions, including through production and logistics processes designed to reduce the company’s overall environmental impact.

“Gemalto and SFR share the same vision in bringing to the market new innovative products that respect the environment,” said Philippe Vallée, Executive Vice President, Telecommunication Business Unit, Gemalto. “The efforts toward sustainable practices and products are part of Gemalto’s overall belief in being a responsible global corporate citizen.”

In spring 2010, SFR will begin the distribution of bio-sourced SIM cards to its customers (via replacement SIMs for defective, lost or stolen cards or in order to access new services).

More info: http://www.gemalto.com/telecom/packaging/index.html


Gemalto Adds NFC-Based Mobile Coupons to its Trusted Service Manager Offer

Gemalto partnered with HighCo, a leading provider of marketing solutions for mass market retailers and consumer goods manufacturers, to provide user-friendly mobile coupon services via Near Field Communications.


The partnership aims at providing a more convenient way of collecting and redeeming coupons from NFC phones, replacing conventional paper coupons. Using an application in the mobile phone, users can easily connect to HighCo’s server, then select and download mobile coupons onto their handset. These are downloaded over the air and securely stored locally in the SIM card.

Automatic redemption

The coupons are automatically redeemed at the point of sale, where the contactless terminal communicates directly with the application stored in the SIM to find the right coupon used for the purchase. All the user has to do is wave their phone at the reader.

Mobile coupons are a powerful marketing tool in promoting the right product to the right audience, thereby boosting sales,” said Rémi De Fouchier, Senior Vice President, Trusted Services Management at Gemalto. “With this partnership, Gemalto is enriching its Trusted Service Manager offer with mobile NFC couponing services that perfectly complement its solutions for payment and transport.

The two companies met through the French “Pole de Compétitivité” called NFC Container*. This partnership draws on Gemalto’s worldwide experience as a trusted service manager for NFC, and HighCo’s experience as a leading coupon solutions provider.

Valérie Piotte, General Manager HighCo 3.0, commented: “Last year, we produced over 6 billion coupons and treated over 330 million coupons making us the leading coupon solutions provider in France and Belgium. Our aim, in partnering with Gemalto, is to use NFC technology to enhance the end-user experience by making e-coupons easier to store and use.”

*NFC Container is part of the French “Pole de Compétitivité” which aims at defining a generic framework to securely store data in the UICC and transfer data over the NFC reader.

More info: http://www.gemalto.com/telecom/upteq/nfc.html


Gemalto Launches ‘Device Service Link’ to Facilitate Access to Mobile Broadband

Gemalto launched the UpTeqTM Device Service Link to facilitate access to mobile broadband. This innovation enables users to enjoy their mobile operator services in just one click from any multimedia SIM-compliant PC.

Once the card is inserted in the mobile Internet device (i.e. notebook, netbook, tablet PC, ebook, etc.), it loads the operator’s visual identity and proposed services, and ensures security of its mobile applications in the PC world. To date, Gemalto is working with the leading manufacturers, including Acer, Asus, Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd., Lenovo IdeaPad and Toshiba. Over 30* multimedia SIM-compliant models will be available during 2010.

With ‘Device Service Link’, users enjoy an instant mobile broadband experience from their computer; which, when renewing it, they can immediately retrieve their operator customized environment, their preferences, personal content and settings. The multimedia SIM card retains its original functions of authentication, portability and security for mobile applications in the PC world, while offering service continuity when users switch networks (from 3G to WiFi, for example) to provide an “always on”, seamless connection.

A plug-and-play solution, Gemalto’s Device Service Link reduces time to market for new services and reduces costs related to customer care and laptop customization. For mobile operators, customizing PCs through the SIM simplifies operational distribution processes and widens their market reach by opening up a host of new opportunities in the retail industry. This flexibility means that they can offer a broader choice to their customers, while making sure all their services are available from the mobile internet device.

Device Service Link gives users the freedom to use their PC for on-the-go Internet access, and greatly enhances the mobile broadband user experience,” commented Philippe Vallée, Executive Vice President of the Telecommunications Business Unit at Gemalto. ”As we expect the volumes of embedded devices to rise from 3 million in 2009 to 20 million in 2013, Device Service Link is invaluable in making mobile broadband conveniently available to more and more users worldwide.”

*Source: Gemalto internal study based on feedback from PC manufacturers

More info: http://www.gemalto.com/telecom/upteq/convergence.html#sim3g


Gemalto Introduces Globally Accepted Payment Card for U.S. Travelers

Introducing the World Traveler program — a globally accepted dual interface EMV payment microprocessor card and complete issuance service for U.S. banks and card issuers. With most countries around the world moving to EMV-based payment for greater security, U.S. travelers are increasingly having trouble using magnetic stripe bankcards abroad, especially in offline applications like unattended ticketing/payment kiosks. Gemalto’s new World Traveler program allows any U.S. issuer to provide cards to their customers in under two months, ensuring secure and hassle-free payments while traveling internationally and at home.

Gemalto’s World Traveler card program provides U.S. banks and card issuers with a complete end-to-end portfolio of service offerings including return on investment (ROI) and technical consulting to ensure a quick and easy introduction of this product to their top tier customers. The portfolio leverages Gemalto’s global footprint and expertise in payment products to provide full card design and production, personalization data preparation, and personalization of EMV dynamic data authorization (DDA) contact and contactless dual interface cards ensuring global acceptance and forward compatibility for both online and offline payment transactions. To provide an optimal experience for cardholders, Gemalto also provides additional services in this offering like SMS-based PIN reminder service and global emergency card replacement as part of the complete World Traveler program.

“Cardholders expect to be able to use their payment card anywhere in the world,” said Jack Jania, vice president and general manager, Secure Transactions, Gemalto North America. “Gemalto’s World Travel card product and service portfolio allows U.S. card issuers to fulfill this expectation with globally accepted smart payment cards ensuring the ability to make secure payments anywhere their customer’s travel.”

EMV is a global standard for chip card payment managed by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB. The Gemalto EMV based World Traveler card contains a microprocessor which provides global acceptance and a more secure payment technology in the same convenient form factor as other payment cards. Gemalto will provide banking cards containing its secure digital technology for EMV payments, as well as a magnetic stripe for paying in the United States. By providing encryption for the payment transaction, the World Traveler card ensures global acceptance for both online and offline transactions while significantly reducing the risk of payment card fraud and identity theft for cardholders.

For more info: http://www.gemalto.com/emv/index.html


About Gemalto

Gemalto (Euronext NL 0000400653 GTO) is the world leader in digital security with 2008 annual revenues of €1.68 billion, and 10,000 employees operating out of 75 offices, research and service centers in 40 countries.

Gemalto is at the heart of our evolving digital society. The freedom to communicate, travel, shop, bank, entertain, and work—anytime, anywhere—has become an integral part of what people want and expect, in ways that are convenient, enjoyable and secure.

Gemalto delivers on the growing demands of billions of people worldwide for mobile connectivity, identity and data protection, credit card safety, health and transportation services, e-government and national security. We do this by supplying to governments, wireless operators, banks and enterprises a wide range of secure personal devices, such as subscriber identification modules (SIM), Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) in mobile phones, smart banking cards, smart card access badges, electronic passports, and USB tokens for online identity protection. To complete the solution we also provide software, systems and services to help our customers achieve their goals.

As the use of Gemalto’s software and secure devices increases with the number of people interacting in the digital and wireless world, the company is poised to thrive over the coming years.

For more information please visit www.gemalto.com.