Meet the Payments Seer – Capgemini Innovator Clues FIs into Future Trends

NameRahul Kapur

Title: Principal, Banking and Payments

CompanyCapgemini Financial Services

What I’m working on now… Assisting banks to get a handle on payment innovation: what does it mean, how do I position myself to capitalize on what’s next, and how do I maximize the value

My crowning achievement is… Seeing the future trends in Payments, (multichannel enablement, location based marketing, non-bank networks, etc) I would speak about in the early 2000s come to fruition in the timeframes that many people thought were too aggressive

Education… MBA, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration; BS, Carnegie Mellon University

When I’m not working, I like to… Sing, read, and laugh with my 6-month-old daughter, Follow the NFL (specifically the Pittsburgh Steelers), play golf (with a mobile GPS, of course), and adopt and test new consumer technology

My favorite payment factor is… Consumer personalization tied to payment form factors and channels – leading to real-time loyalty redemption/rewards as a currency

I think the next big thing in payments is… The proliferation of traditional retails being the “brand” behind payments, with banks providing the machinery

Cash is… Worth 20% less than equivalent non-cash, due to the intrinsic value of non-cash transactions (reward, risk protection, ancillary services, etc.)

Checks are…Still a generation away from completely dying

NFC is/will… Have impacts far beyond the mobile payments space. NFC will be the new secure way to conduct many of your daily activities. Health monitoring and tests, security, daily activities such as uses of appliances, etc. – all will be NFC enabled over the next decade. The advances of mobile payments using NFC will continue to drive their applications in other mainstream applications.

EMV is/will…  Be finally adopted universally; when it does, it will make innovation a step-function – creating a major leap in the innovation game

P2P is/will… Move to full global interoperability by 2014, with security initiatives driving rapid expansion across new channels over the next 2-3 years

My mentor is/ I’ve learned from my mentor… Too many to name, but the common theme is never to remain status quo – you’re either getting better or getting worse, in life and in business!

Bio: Rahul Kapur is a Principal leading Capgemini’s North American Payments consulting solutions.  Rahul has over 20-plus years of consulting experience, with a deep focus in the retail banking, payments, and customer strategy in the financial services sector.  His experience includes helping many US, Canadian, Latin American, and European financial institutions with product and channel strategy and innovation. Read More

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