Doonesbury “Draws the Line” on Elizabeth Warren Senate Debate

August 8, 2011

Many Massachusetts Democrats want Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren to run for Senate. Now, apparently one Doonesbury cartoonist does, too.

Doonesbury’s Garry Trudeau offered encouragement to Warren, who had spent much of the past year working to set up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ahead of its official July 21 opening. Many Bay State Dems see Warren as their best chance to unseat incumbent Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), who won election in a special vote held after the death of Ted Kennedy.

In the Doonesbury strip, former Washington lawyer Joanie Caucus is discussing with her son Jeff the possibility of coming out of retirement in order to join Warren’s campaign.

“Scott Brown would be hard to beat,” Caucus says in the comic, recaps “He’s not quite like his Tea Party compatriots. I dunno. He seems…slightly less insane.”

Click here to view the original comic on referencing the possibility of an Elizabeth Warren/Scott Brown Senate showdown.

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