First Comes Wallet, then Comes Motorola: PYMNTS Readers Predict What’s Next for Google

The payments world, heck, the entire world was rocked by last week’s announcement that Google would acquire Motorola Mobility. Given its Google Wallet ambitions, was this a smart purchase for this wannabe mPayments powerhouse? PYMNTS readers sound off in our latest Community Commentary.


Press Release: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility

Analysis: After Google Buys Motorola, What’s Next for the Payments Ecosystem?



“Any firm that is reaching out to Google to be bought is clearly desperate. Google will find the right firm through their research and what they believe fits into their strategy, which I’m certain no one really understands yet, maybe even them. Being bought by Google doesn’t mean instant riches and fame. It could mean instant distraction and restructuring.

I just think they need to figure out internally what they want to do: address payments from the consumer side, the merchants side or both. And what type of business will they go after: eCommerce, brick-and-mortar, SMB or tier 1??? Even Google can’t handle it all at once.” – John Smith


“Since this doesn’t add newer pages to run better auctions, I think that this purchase is a waste of their time and money, somewhat like Microsoft’s Xbox platform. Google is also busy promoting two different operating systems, Android and Chrome OS, which further confuses the market.” – michael webster


“Google’s payment concept is nothing without making it easily downloadable and available on both iPhone and Android phone platforms.” – Debbi Bitner


“I am not sure if Google will buy a payment firm, but I think that it would make them ‘self-sufficient,’  which ‘should’ make things cheaper for Google. However, I am a self-appointed Google fanboy, so I will back pretty much anything that Google does!” – Sean Parkin


“I would not have expected Google to buy a payment firm until they bought Motorola. Google should look for a company that has as many of the capabilities as they need in one place & is ready to vertically integrate into the payments ecosystem across all of its products and services. Sadly, most payment companies are the opposite.” – Simon Taylor


“If you look at Google’s strategy for the past 3-4 years, Android, Mobile Payments, Motorola… I think Google will be the largest mobile financial services provider…” – Khaled Zamer


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