CEO Insight: The Quirks to Perks

NameDan O’Malley

Title: CEO and Co-Founder

CompanyPerkStreet Financial

What I’m working on now… Helping America understand why the banking system is broken and how we can fix it.

My crowning achievement is… Building a high-performance team that deeply understands the financial needs of the typical American.

Industry Association Awards… shh…

Education… I’m a dork by training (degree in Operations Research from Princeton), but a marketer at heart.

When I’m not working, I like to… cook!

My favorite payment factor is… the human factor. Understanding people’s payment choices is a dark science.

I think the next big thing in payments is… banks and merchants becoming friends (and driving business to each other).

Cash is… a bad way to pay that doesn’t pay you back.

Checks are… the only vestige of paper still stuck in the system.

NFC is/will… be irrelevant with the next generation of net-connected POS terminals and merchant – bank data sharing.

EMV is/will…  happen slooooowly in the U.S.

P2P is/will… a great to spend investment dollars if you don’t want to make money.

My mentor is/ I’ve learned from my mentor… that excitement creates action.  And that you’ve got to work hard to create it in financial services.

Bio: Dan is an entrepreneur and a banker.  Dan is a marketer with a degree in statistics. He appreciates that this makes him a bundle of contradictions.

Dan is CEO and co-founder of PerkStreet, a financial services firm built for people who love deals and saving money.  PerkStreet bank accounts let you earn cash back for spending, saving, and getting smart about your money. Read More 

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