Interchange Fee Battle to be Resolved Hunger-Games Style ― Nominate Now!

America is loving the unmatched drama and intrigue delivered in The Hunger Games, the story of a post-apocalyptic battle royale penned by author Suzanne Collins. The furor is so strong, in fact, that even financial regulators are being caught up in the excitement.

As a result, those regulators have decided to inject the currently heated conversation over interchange fee regulation with a bit of the same drama. To settle the argument over fees once and for all, nominations are now being accepted from both sides of the table — merchants and banks — to participate in an intense battle just like The Hunger Games!

"To say that this is a good idea would probably be inappropriate," said author Collins when asked for comment. "But I can't imagine it'll hurt sales of my book!" is partnering with regulators to accept nominations for this unabashedly over-the-top competition. Who would you nominate for the Interchange Fee Hunger Games? Tell us in the comments!

**This article is 100% fabricated for your enjoyment in celebration of April Fools Day!**

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