Riding Wave of Success, PaYMNTS.com Buys a Vowel

We run a lean mean operation here at the home of what’s next in payments. But we simply couldn’t pass up on a recent opportunity to upgrade our brand image.

“We want our site to be well-read,” explains Karen Webster. “And part of achieving that goal is investing in a site name that users actually know how to pronounce.”

Thus, the new source for the best in payments news and insights: PaYMNTS.com.

“Technically this is a step back in terms of efficiency,” allowed David Evans, well known economist and payments guru, “because more letters means it takes more time to type in the letters. But at least people will stop pronouncing our URL as 'pie-mints.’”

The company has not officially addressed plans for the acquisition of an “e” in the future.

**This article is 100% fabricated for your enjoyment in celebration of April Fools Day!**

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