Can NFC Make Passwords Past Tense?

As passwords for even the most basic services become increasingly complex, could NFC technology change the way we access our data and accounts?

That’s what London-based startup Hoverkey is betting on, as it uses contactless technology in a way that could make enterprise apps and data much more secure.

The logic behind the process is simple: you touch an NFC-equipped card to an NFC-equipped mobile device running the Hoverkey app, and the system enters complex passwords and authentications for you automatically. In the words of NFC World, it means that “IT departments can mandate strong passwords to protect enterprise apps and data without meeting the usual user resistance.” 

The app and card combo can also be used as a password store for third party mobile apps, which can be integrated through the Hoverkey Button user interface widget.  Hoverkey says integrate with its services is simple, and offers developer kits containing two Hoverkey cards and an SDK for $99.

“Most apps can support it within a few hours, making it a breeze for companies to really differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace” said Hoverkey’s Martin Alderson.

The system currently only works with NFC-enabled Android devices, but support for Windows Phone 8 is planned as well. Hoverkey will support iOS devices “as soon as apple integrates NFC hardware into their devices,” the company said.

Does using an NFC card to access apps on your smartphone seem practical to you? Would you be willing to use a system like this to protect sensitive data? Let us know in the comments below!

And for more information on Hoverkey, read the original NFC World piece here.

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