Five Simple Steps To Boost POS Security

Consumer data protection is a popular topic in the payments sphere, and is one we see addressed in the news and by reports all the time.

But while personal protection is hugely important, an equally crucial factor in the war against payments fraud is POS security. Even retailers who meet PCI-DSS standards fall victim to POS attacks all the time, and guarding against such intrusions is critical to consumer and merchant safety.

So what can retailers do to beef up their POS protection? A recent Resource Nation outline provides five simple steps.

Know What You’re Up Against

This sounds like common sense, but it needs to be said anyway: in order to defend yourself against POS attacks, you first need to see them coming. Resource Nation points out targeting systems without firewall protection, using tools like PCAnywhere or “back of house” servers to gain remote access finding default credentials for OS and remote applications as three common POS fraud techniques.

Risk Identification and Analysis

Knowing general kinds of risk is good: knowing the specific types you’re most vulnerable to is even better. Resource Nation suggests customized risk assessments for businesses that evolve over time. They do not, however, suggest this as a replacement for implementing PCI DSS requirements.

Go For PA-DSS Validation

We’re all familiar with PCI-DSS, but PA-DSS – or Payment Applications Data Security Standard – can help protect merchant data too. Resource Nation says PA-DSS can be a long-term fix if updated and maintained correctly.

Get Qualified Training

The Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIR) program from The PCI Council can help train retailers on PCI-DSS and PA-DSS compliance, and can help with the instillation and maintenance of such systems.

Put Effort Into Passwords

We’ve covered what poor passwords can do to consumers before, but how about retailers who put little effort into their password protection? According To Resource Nation, going to factory default passwords is a big no-no, as is keeping the same password for too long.

Want to learn what else you can do to boost your POS security? Read the full Resource Nation post here.

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