FNB Upgrades To Slimline ATMs Across South Africa

First National Bank announced it is replacing South Africa’s old miniature cash machines with 960 new Slimline ATMs, reported All Africa. FNB stated it wants to provide digital banking services to remote locations where the number of customer transactions do not call for conventional ATMs.

The new Slimline ATMs will be installed countrywide and include a large touch screen with a camera and a card reader for EMV Chip & PIN bankcards with a numeric keypad.

“These machines represent a mutually beneficial relationship for the retailer, bank and customer,” said Aziz Cassim, head of self-service channels at FNB. While our now-retired mini-ATMs offered typical kiosk banking or voucher banking, Slimline approximates online banking with PIN and image verification. We fully expect transaction volumes to escalate sharply over previous volumes on our Mini ATMs.”

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