Uber Could One Day Rival Facebook, Amazon

Uber could one day become the Amazon of logistical services, New York Magazine’s Kevin Roose suggested in a December 6 article.

Citing the fact that Uber has seen impressive growth in the past year, coupled with successful ventures such as providing low-cost car financing to consumers, Roose posited that Uber’s value could eclipse that of Facebook in the future. Uber, he said, may occupy an Amazon-like position for those looking for logistical services worldwide.

“The result of Uber's efforts, in other words, could be the creation of a techno-metropolis, in which people and goods are ferreted around seamlessly and, perhaps, automatically,” Roose wrote.

Uber CEO Travis Kalinick has certainly proved his influence on a diverse array of topics. To hear recent remarks that impact the mobile wallet space, click here.

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