2 Million iPhone 6 Reservations from China is Nothing, Try 4 Million

Although official preorders don’t start till October 10th, Chinese carriers have already started offering pre-sale signups.

With pre-sale orders already taking place, the Chinese iPhone 6 reservations brought in some mind-blowing stats when it was reported that 2 million units were reserved in 6 hours. But that was nothing when it was reported today to have more than 4 million reservations.

If all these reservations convert to orders, China alone could possibly beat out the iPhone 6’s launch stats, which by all means were truly extraordinary.

As many expected, there is a slight edge in appeal on the iPhone 6 Plus in China, but we’ll have to wait for actual sales to follow through to make concrete conclusions.

Digitimes noted that the iPhone 6 Plus was responsible for 60% of the iPhone 6 production. However, outside of China, the iPhone 6 is generally considered the more admired and popular version, but all this still remains unclear if this is due to supply or demand.

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