After Heartbleed Bug Only 39% of Adults in U.S. Changed Passwords

According to a study, many adults have yet to change their passwords after the security flaw.

According to a new study, after the Heartbleed bug compromised online security only 39 percent of adults in the U.S. have changed their passwords.

The bug affected the security opening, which was found in a widely used open-source code.  It is believed that the bug affected more than half a million websites, including some of the highest-trafficked destinations on the Internet like Yahoo and Google.

The study also mentioned that the reason not as many people have changed their passwords, might be because a lot of users didn’t even know about the bug.

There was a lot of media coverage about Heartbleed. However, according to a poll that was give to 1,501 adults, only 64 percent had at least heard of the bug.


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