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Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference Starts Today

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference Starts Today

After weeks of waiting and speculation, Christmas has finally come for tech, consumer electronics and Apple enthusiasts as the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off today in San Francisco later today.

Some announcements are anticipated, according to Mashable, Apple is expected to announce a major upgrade to Mac OS X.X (which no, doesn’t make sense mathematically), the premier of Siri on Mac, a split screen function on the iPad and maybe the debut of Apple home—though that his highly speculative.

Apart from the software refreshes and the tantalizing possibility of the announcement of new high design hardware, of particular interest to payments fans will be the push for the next big move in Apple products—the iBeacon. Though Apple is not the only beacon player in the market—PayPal has also notably began pushing beacons – Apple with its massive listing of credit cards and wide reach with brought on by the iPhone’s near ubiquity seems uniquely well positioned to send consumers into stores with phones that are ready to pay for goods.

“This has the potential to be transformative,” John Jackson, analyst at research firm IDC, told the Wall Street Journal.” It could be the technology that underpins a future where anything you’d want or need to know is delivered to you in the most intelligent of ways.”

The technology remains in its infancy however, and it is unknown how exactly how and when Apple with deploys it as a payments system. MPD CEO Karen Webster has some ideas about how Apple with explore the great indoors, which you can read by clicking here. 

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