B2C eCommerce Grow in Europe

A report published during the Global E-commerce Summit in Barcelona shows Europe B2C e-commerce grew to EUR 363.1 B in 2013 a 16.3% increase vs. 2012. It is further forecasted to grow 17.2% to 425.5 Bn in 2014 and 19.8% CAGR to EUR 625 Bn by 2016. The growth is going to accelerate due to higher spending in mature countries and increase of the number of transactions in emerging markets.

Largest countries were UK (EUR 107.1 Bn), Germany (EUR 63.4 Bn), France (EUR 51.1 Bn), Russia (EUR 15.5 Bn), Spain (EUR 14.4 Bn), Italy (EUR 11.3 Bn), Austria (EUR 11 Bn), the Netherlands (EUR 10.6 Bn) and Poland (EUR 5.2 Bn). 87.6% (EUR 318.1 Bn) of the total spending came from the 28 countries forming the EU. B2C e-commerce represented 2.2% of GDP in 2013.There were 650k B2C sites in Europe by 2013 EOY which sent 3.7 B parcels. It is the second biggest B2C market in the world only surpassed by Asia, which registered EUR 406.1 B in transactions last year.

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