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BillGuard Launches Android App And Data Breach Alerts

BillGaurd, a personal finance start-up, has announced twin launches this week. The company's mobile app is now available for download for the first time for Android users and the company now provides a service that alerts customers when their card has been involved in a data breach.

The start-up has rolled out its services slowly. At first it just alerted users to fees that were hidden on their banks statements, before branching out to recurring fees that are legitimate insofar as the customer agreed to them, but are being charged long after the customer has forgot about them or the service they once tracked to. In late 2013 it added tools to help its users track their spending and compare outflows as to give consumers a clearer picture of what buckets their money is flowing into. While the service is open to all on a desktop, until this week, it was only available on mobile through iOS.

The app has also redesigned how the front page operates--bring the user's analytics data about current spending levels and comparisons to previous months spending to the forefront so users can easily access that information with a glance at their phone.

According to the company, its users have reported more than $60 million worth of fraudulent charges identified through the app, reports TechCrunch.

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