Brits Bail On NFC And Back Biometrics

The English have spoken and it seems that they have spoken out in favor using biometric indentification as a primary identifier when it comes to securing banking services.  This insight comes from a Intelligent Environments survey that indicates almost 80 percent of British banking users would like to see passwords consigned to the scrap-heap of history, in favor of a system that focuses on biometric security measures.
“In the battle of the biometrics, it’s not surprising that fingerprint scanners come out on top as more people are getting used to them being built into mobile devices. But what the Future Password Index really reveals is the consumer demand for these technologies,” said Clayton Locke, CTO, Intelligent Environments, reports Finextra.
It is a demand that the enterprise is gearing up to meet.  Both Apple and Samsung are increasingly incorporating biometrics, especially into their payments aspects.  Apple has launched a Touch ID API for developers. Samsung, meanwhile, has teamed up with  PayPal to allow Galaxy S5 to tap the handset’s scanner to make payments.  That tap, scan and pay model will be available for both online and real world purchases made with PayPal. 
Fingerprint identification led as the most popular biometric, followed by eye scanning and facial recognition.  Voice recognition was ranked as a least favorite—unfortunate since it is also the only method of biometric ID currently offered by a British bank.

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