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Citi Launches Tablet App For Corporate Clients

As commercial customers are increasingly demanding to have the same level of convenience and universal accessibility they know in their lives as consumers, Citibank is rolling out it’s CitiDirect BE Tablet app for Windows 8.1. Designed to resemble a consumer banking app but with additional support for more accounts and larger transactions, the  new app is intended to give treasury departments the ability to see account balances across multiple countries and authorize transactions.

Think about the journey of mobile solutions and the app culture and the millennial generation now starting to come into their 30s — which makes me feel really old — so they’re starting to become more influential in the workplace,” said Colin Kerr, director of worldwide banking at Microsoft, reports American Banker. “So those seamless technologies they’re used to seeing in their consumer lives they’re starting to expect in the workplace.”

The app is compatible with any Windows 8.1 device or compute



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